Event Slot: TBA

Start Date: TBA

End Date: TBA

Prize: Subject to entrants ( Min 5 - Max 40 )

Current Highest: See our facebook  HERE
2007 - 2018 Reels Of Fun
Competition Time!

The object of the competition is to get the top score from free spins.

If you have a score that you feel is the biggest then take a screenshot of it and send it to us, if its the biggest by the closing time the CASH prize will be yours!

Please read carefully the rules below or contact us for more info. For the latest highest score please see our facebook page
HERE or contact us via our e-mail or LIVE help when available.

Competition RULES:-

Any participation of our competitions is considered acceptance of these terms.

Purchasing the game via faster payments automatically makes you eligible to enter for FREE, if you already own the game you may enter for 1 of which 100% goes to the prize fund and must be paid via faster payments.

For the competition to be active a minimum of 5 players need to participate and a maximum of 40 can enter.

In the event of any players paying the 1 to enter and the competition does not run, eg due to less than 5 players or maximum 40 is reached  the 1 will either be refunded or given back as a site credit as decided by the player.

Winnings or refunds will be given via faster payments.

We may post winners on our Facebook page, if you do not agree with this you should not enter our competitions.

All customers that want to submit a possible winning screenshot must do so via email before the end date and for the screenshot to be valid it must show the whole of the game screen including the title bar with game version number and saved as a .bmp (bitmap)

It must not be edited in anyway, and we have methods in place to detect possible cheating.

Any customer deemed to be cheating or attempting to cheat will be disqualified and banned from any future competition, this is for fun with a chance to take the prize pool, lets keep it fun and honest!

These rules are not exhaustive and we reserve the right to add or amend them at anytime and without warning.

We reserve the right to amend or cancel the competition at any time for reasons that may or may not  be beyond our control.

Any decisions about player competitions are made by ROF, are final and no correspondance will be entered into.