Q. Are your programs, including the FREE trials free from adware, spyware and viruses?
A. Yes, all our games are completely free of adware, spyware and viruses, McAfee can confirm this on a random selection of our games HERE

Q. Will I win or lose real money using these programs?
A. No. They are for entertainment purposes only. No real money can be wagered in anyway, so you cannot win or lose real money playing our games.

Q. Do I have to have an internet connection to play?
A. You will need a connection to set up your game i.e. to download and access to your email, but once your game is set up and activated on your computer you do not need an active internet connection to play.

Q. I don't have a PAY PAL account can I still buy?
A. YES! If you have a Credit or Debit Card you can still pay securely via PAY PAL just follow the instructions on shopping cart, we now also accept the new faster payments option that most UK banks have recently started and we do have some other methods of payment, including cash, postal orders, please email us for more details on these other methods of payment.

Q. Why is my trial only 20 evaluation spins?
A. We feel 20 spins is enough to know if you like it or not rather than pay for something with no idea if you like it or not. This way you can judge for yourself if you think its worth the money.

Q. They seem to play very generously on the trial spins?
A. On the 20 free trial spins some wins are forced in to enable you to see more of the game features available. After registration these enhanced wins are removed, to give a more playable realistic game play.

Q. Which Operating systems will these work with?
A. Our games work with Windows 98, ME, XP, VISTA, Windows 7, 8 and 10, but Windows 8 RT is NOT supported. You must have your display text settings to default ( 100% ) for them to work correctly. If in any doubt please contact us or download one of our trial games to check before purchase.

Q. Will there be later versions of these programs? And will I have to pay AGAIN if I want a newer version?
A. Maybe, but newer versions of the same game will not need activating again. Providing you still have a valid code in use your upgrade will be FREE.

Q. I have made a payment via PAY PAL but have not received my game, code or any email.
A. Make sure that the email on your PAY PAL account is still current as this is where we send all correspondence to inc. Emails, codes and games.

Q. I purchased a game but have had to re install it and lost the code what do I do?
A. Just E-mail us with your details and we can re-send you your code for FREE providing your original order code has unchanged.

Q. I have had to re-format, get a new PC, changed operating system, hard drive or laptop and my original code no longer works, now what?
A. You can get a new code for a 50% reduced fee of the current price, excluding offer prices. To combat potential abuse of this, only 1 code per game per customer may be purchased in any 6 month period at the reduced price. Gold members get at least 75% off full price and have additional options, please contact us for details.

Q. I have ordered my code but have not yet received it.
A. The most common delay is not sending your order number to us at time of payment, click HERE to see how .At busy times there may be a delay in sending out your code or your email might be incorrect. Also check your Junk mail folder you have and mark as safe so you get your email from us. Please email us if you have not received your code within a few hours.

Q. I have or think I have found a bug in one of the games what do I do?
A. Firstly check that your computer has all the latest windows updates installed. Then click HERE to see if you are using the latest version of the game in question. If not please update your game for free by downloading the newer file, or request the newer file from us. If this is not the case please E-mail us the suspected fault. ( Inc. Game name and version number ). We do our best to ensure there is none, however we're only human! So on occasion the odd one can remain. We are always keen to fix these as soon as possible in order for you to continue enjoying our games!!
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