Red White Blue 25
Another awesome multiplayer machine. I love how you can play all 3 machines as with all reels of fun multiplayer machines. Playing this for hours and hours and is great fun to play. Have not got the £25 jackpot yet either on the bottom reels or on the top reels (feature) which is activated when you get 3 stars in view. When you activate the feature after getting either 3 red stars, 3 blue stars or 2 red stars 1 blue star vice versa you can win £1, £2, £3, £5 or Jackpot £25. - Gav Dunn.
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Indian Gold Club
Upon receiving Indian Gold Rush Club , Iíve played it extensively managing to get the Jack Pot more than once however this is by far my most favourite ROF game yet due to the multiple ways of winning the JP and itís amusing trying to beat the feature games for an all high win, Iím hoping to see more of itís kind in future but that wonít happen till more of you get chance to play it for yourselves to see how addictive this game could really be, itís replay value from scale of 1- 10 iíd give it a 9 out of 10 , canít give a 10 because I at least... still have to work  - Chris in Scotland.
The Bingo Club
Hi, We used to have a 4 reel club machine with a £250 jackpot where I work and this brings back so many good memories. It is great to see all the features and cash that you can climb by going higher and lower on the numbers and to see all the familiar fruits and the cashpot makes me think I am playing it at the club! A game for all club fans to enjoy and I wish I had got this sooner. Well done ROF can you do some others like this please? - Neil.
Even though I only bought this game a few hours ago, I am already loving it! Lots of fun when the features come in and deciding which balloon to pop is great fun and getting a cake just adds to the fun! A very addictive game to say the least!! Every new game you release just gets better and better, I will recommend this site to everyone. Keep it going ROF. - Neil in Gloucestershire.
Its My Party 500
Had this egyptian gold for a couple of weeks now and I have to admit it is well addictive!! The only problem for me is that its so good even my hubby likes playing it, so less time for me on the PC for me boo! - Sarah in Luton.
Egyptian Gold
At last I found a working 3 player golden game, its great and my favourite 3 player game ever! I have been looking for this game for sooooooo long thank you! Do you have any plans to make some more £70 jackpot 3 player ones? or even higher jackpot 3 player games. - Hannah Chiswick.
ROF: Yes hopefully in the next 6 months there will be some more of these type.
Golden Game
OMG! How cool is this, this is the first jackpot I have had on one of your 5 reel games. It was a great feeling when the jackpot symbols were flashing and playing a great tune! Totally unexpected I love it!
( Katie - Hemel Hempstead )
ROF: Well done, you are the first to report having had a Jackpot on this game! Thanks for sending it in.
Strike It Lucky Deluxe
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